Easter Cookies

collage of decorated cookies

Thank you Jonah for your help. My sister couldn’t make up her mind as to which bake good to bring to here Easter Sunday Brunch. At the last minute she asked me to bake some cookies. I was at a lost because she didn’t specified which cookies she wanted. Since most of the time the kids are the ones who enjoy this treats I decided to make them kids friendly.

When I deliver the good my sister was flabbergasted. She was expecting drop cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal etc.) or bar cookies. She never expect decorated cookies and to top it all of not so many. She asked how long and I told her loooong, but thanks to Jonah the decoration went smoothly. He help a great deal even though we didn’t include his creations (forgot to take picture).  


Letty is the other half to a multicultural family. Mother to Jonah and wife to Jonathan. Blogger at Desafio In The City a Lifestyle blog, focusing on green living, recipes, DIY, reviews and giveaways. Letty enjoys reading, dancing and crocheting.