12 Green Smoothie Hacks

Congratulations on making green smoothies a regular part of your daily diet. Now here’s 12 green  smoothies hacks to help you speed up, get healthier and enjoy the process a little bit more!

  1.  Freeze your greens to make them last longer.
  2.  Freeze all of your smoothies ingredients so you always have ingredients on hand.
  3. Make the smoothie the night before for a quick grab and go in the morning.
  4. Make big batches of green smoothie and freeze the whole smoothie in individual servings. Just defrost the smoothie the previous night in the fridge and give it a quick blend if necessary.
  5. Thicken your smoothies by adding banana, avocado, chia seeds and flax seed.
  6. Soak your hard ingredients overnight which makes them easier to blend and easier to digest.
  7. Use frozen fruit instead of ice to cool your smoothie down.
  8. Grid nuts, seed and grain before adding them to you smoothie.
  9. Use tea instead of water as the base for you green smoothie.
  10. Make it invigorating by adding mint, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg or cloves.
  11. For an extra protein boost add protein powder, seeds, coconut, eggs, nuts or nut butter.
  12. Did you know you can also add essential oils to you smoothies for extra health benefits.

What is your favorite green smoothie hack?


Letty is the other half to a multicultural family. Mother to Jonah and wife to Jonathan. Blogger at Desafio In The City a Lifestyle blog, focusing on green living, recipes, DIY, reviews and giveaways. Letty enjoys reading, dancing and crocheting.