Review ~ BriaUSA 100 Strong Silver Galvanized Multipurpose Hangers

BriaUSA 100 Strong Silver Galvanized Multipurpose Hangers are 16″ and made of 13 Gauge Steel Wire. ~ Made of 13 Gauge Steel Wire Hangers (Thicker than 14.5 Gauge Hangers) ~ Original Sturdy Hangers by BriaUSA ~ Executive Collar Hanger, Long Neck ~ Size: 16 Inch, Silver Color, Matte Finish ~ Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee This hangers are reasonably price, but it isn’t what I would consider strong. I hoped to be able to hang wet clothing on them but they are way to flimsy for them. Continue reading →

Review ~ EZ-Lids Reusable Silicone Lids #ezlid

EZ-Lids are reusable food-grade silicone lids that create an airtight seal. It’s the perfect way to store food or reheat food. Here’s why else you should start using EZ-Lids: ~ Great value: You get 2 different sized high quality food lid covers ~ Safe for you: Reheat food without worry of melted plastic wrap ~ Safe for the environment: With EZ-Lid no longer need to toss out plastic wrap ~ Easy to use: Place it on a container, push down, and you’re done ~ Handles Continue reading →

Review ~ SimpleOne Automatic Soap Dispenser #soapdispenser

The SimpleOne Automatic Soap Dispenser is a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Pros: ~ No Dripping! ~ Works wonderfully with any liquid soap without clogging or dripping. ~ Can be easily turned off by holding down the on and off button. ~ Soap lasts longer because of the set amount that is dispensed. ~ Quiet operation. ~ Clean operation that saves me precious clean up time. Cons: ~ Plastic “stainless steel” constantly has water spots/stains. ~ Thicker soaps clog the nozzle a bit. Continue reading →

Review ~ Harvey’s Picnic Table Tablecloth & Clamps #picnic

Harvey’s Picnic Table Tablecloth & Clamps allows you to create the perfect picnic with this reusable gingham style tablecloth. A clean and neat red & white checkered design adds the classic touch to any indoor or outdoor event. USE FOR Picnics, Camping, Weddings, Backyard BBQs, Beach Days, Parties, Craft & Kids Tables, Outdoor Patios & Restaurants, and even in your Kitchen… SPECS •54″ x 72″ (4.5 ft x 6 ft) red & white checkered tablecloth •6 piece Stainless Steel Clips (stretch up to 2 inch Continue reading →

Review ~ Simian 10 in 1 Autoloading Ratchet Screwdriver

The Simian Autoloading Ratchet Screwdriver provides you with a one-stop solution tool to make your work faster and more efficient than ever. With 3-way ratchet functionality, a quick-changing bit mechanism and 10 standard bits included, this is a must-have addition to your toolbox. ~ Holds 10 bits at once-one in the head, four in the head and five in the revolving chamber ~ Bits are standard 1/4”, included are: Phillips #1/#2/#3, Slotted 4mm/6mm, Star T15/T20, and Square 1/2. ~ Magnetic bit holder ~ Way ratchet Continue reading →

Review ~ Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale

Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale by GREATER GOODS. We strive to make best-in-class products while giving back to great organizations. Greater goods for the greater good. ~ Accurate Measurements ~ Easy-to-Read Display ~ Beautiful Design ~ Optional Smartphone Tracking ~ Optional Weightless Weighing GREATER FEATURES: ~ Auto Step-on (turns on automatically when weighing). ~ Auto Off. ~ Auto calibration. ~ Auto user detect (important for multi-user). ~ Supports up to 8 users. ~ Non-slip, scratch resistant feet. ~ 4 ultra-precision weighing sensors. ~ 400lb capacity. Continue reading →

Review ~ 100% Copper Mug for Moscow Mule by PureCopper #purecopper

~ PURE, SOLID COPPER – No nickel, tin, or steel! Our copper mugs are only PURE copper, as your mule deserves! Go for the real deal – get the full experience. ~ BONUS RECIPE CARDS INCLUDED – We’re obsessed with inventing fresh new Mule-concoctions. Every mug includes a set of step-by-step recipe cards showing our favorite Mule creations! ~ ICEY ICE COLD – An authentic copper mug frosts up in seconds! These mugs get COLD – REALLY cold. Super refreshing with a Moscow Mule! CLASSIC Continue reading →

Review ~ Price Comparer PRO App #PriceComparer

Price Comparer PRO you can manage and maintain prices for the item shop for at the grocery store/supermarket. The average consumer often or constantly buys about 200 different items, which makes it impossible to remember where there is the best buy. With Price Comparer Pro it becomes extremely easy! FEATURES ~ Adding stores ~ Recognizing of 10 most used barcode types (EAN-8, EAN-13, QR Code, PDF417, UPC-E, Aztec, Code39, Code39Mod43, Code93, Code128) ~ Adding items manually or through barcode scanner ~ A simple checking of Continue reading →

Review ~ NEO Microfiber Towels #NeoTowels

The NEO Microfiber Towels is a smooth soft towel that will dry you fast, won’t get that used towel odor, will barely take space and it’s easy to clean. ~ Super Absorbent, Slim & Lightweight ~ Antibacterial. No More smelly towels ~ Soft And Comfortable, Gentle on Hair And Skin ~ Dries Off Hair & Body Quickly, Cuts Down Your Drying Time ~ Fits In Every Bag, Wraps Easily Into A Turban ~ Promote Rapid Evaporation And Easy To Clean ~ One Large Size Towel- Continue reading →

Review ~ AeraWine Infusion Spirit and Wine Aerator

The AeraWine Infusion Aerator allows the wine to mix with oxygen and come alive. Using the AeraWine Infusion Aerator is as simple as pouring your favorite wine or spirit from the bottle into your glass. By allowing the contents of the wine bottle to “breathe” you are actually ensuring a smoother taste. No waiting for enhanced taste and NO MESS! ~ Aerator infuses wine as it’s poured from the bottle ~ Also aerates spirits and liquors for smoother taste. ~ Unique friction-fit design pulls apart Continue reading →