Review ~ The Fusion 4K HDMI 2.0 cable


The Fusion 4K HDMI 2.0 cable is very strong, durable and made to last. However, I didn’t see much of a picture quality difference between my current cable and this one. This cable will only improve your picture quality if your TV and devices run HDMI 2.0, and not by much. That being said, these are also some of the most solid feeling HDMI cables I have held. I could not imagine breaking these -if I do I will update my review-. Each end of the cable has a very solid male lead. The size of the heads look slim enough as to not get in the way, very happy about that. The cords are only 3 feet which is a bummer, since I think the minimum should be 6 feet. The picture quality on my HDMI display from my computer doesn’t change much. I am not a fan of the price, being that my less expensive HDMI cable perform as good as this Fusion 4K. So I think you are paying here for the quality of the cable compare to other less expensive ones.

~ 4K ULTRA HD RESOLUTION (3840×2160)
~ Connects HDMI-enabled devices to 4k TVs & displays, Ultra HD A/V receivers and more
~ HDMI 2.0 SUPPORTED which increases bandwidth and is 4k and Ultra HD compatible.
~ ULTRA 3D COMBINED WITH 32 AUDIO CHANNELS makes every sound come to life in a dramatic way.

The Cable was provided by Fusion 4K in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated. This review is Desafio In The City honest opinion about this product.


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