Review ~ The Caretaker of Imagination #kids


For kids looking for a fast-paced, crazy adventure, and grown-ups who want to be lost in childhood magic just one more time.
“Bored with his normal life, John Carroll runs away with his faithful cat in search of adventure. When he meets a real-life pirate, John realizes there is much more to the world than he’d ever thought possible – magic is real, and in desperate need of a hero.
John must convince the (once fearsome) Captain Simon Peabody to join him on a fantastic and perilous quest to find the only person who can save magic from being lost forever: the Caretaker of Imagination.
This wondrous tale harks back to the style of classic children’s literature. Perfect as a read-aloud, it is sure to delight readers of all ages.”

Pirated, Magic & Adventure. I love books my son and I can enjoy. It is written for pre-teens, but it can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike. The adorable line drawn illustrations provided a visual into this adventure. The story is engaging and intriguing. It will show you that no matter our age we can all go back to our childhood by using our imagination.

I received this book from Hocmaa Publishing for this review.


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