Review ~ Scott Naturals® #TossTheTube Sampling!

Review ~ Scott Naturals® #TossTheTube Sampling!
Scott Naturals® #TossTheTube toilet paper is one of my new greener products. I am happy to hear that a company has taking the steps to help us stay green with one of the most essential items in the modern world. I am glad that by getting rid of the tube the quality of the paper was not compromise. It is still soft, strong, and most of all affordable.

Did you know that over 17 billion toilet paper tubes are tossed into the garbage each year and that it’s enough to fill the Empire State Building twice?!

I share my samples with my mom and her reaction was great, wish I had a camera. She didn’t know this product existed and was surprise to know how much toilet paper tubes are tossed every year. It is astonishing when you think about it

We have started to live a greener life and being able to go green in something so essential is great. No more roll to toss is good for the environment.

Help save the environment when you #TossTheTube with Scott Naturals bathroom tissue!

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 I received a free #sponsored sample from Crowdtap & Scott®.


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