Review ~ Greenwald’s Commercial Grade Cleaner Kits #StainRemover #GlassCleaner

Greenwald’s has Commercial Grade Cleaner Spray At Wholesale prices.

~ No Streak, Film Or Leftover Haze. Leaves Glass Crisp & Clear Without Water Stain Or Spots.
~ Excellent Cleaner For Auto, Windshield, Mirror, Household, Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower Doors, Outside
~ Lasts 6 Times Longer. Makes 6 32oz Bottles. Saves On Cleaning Expenses.
~ Commercial Strength Removes The Toughest Grime And Dirt.
~ Includes FREE Spring Cleaning eBook With House Cleaning Checklist

We have use this window and surface cleaner successfully. It comes with a fantastic high end spray bottle and 6 refills packs. My son had a blast making a video about how to get the packs to activate with warm water to make the liquid cleaner. It is a space saver, because instead of having six bottles of cleaning solution you have this mini packs that can be store anywhere. The bottle is also reusable so no adding to the landfills, going green has never been so much fun. What I like the most is how much money I have safe by using this product. It work as well if not better that the top brand you can find in the store. It is a great product and affordable.

~ It cleans old stains as well as new.
~ It does a magnificent job cleaning stains in upholstery, cloths, shoes, floor, carpet, rugs, red wine, coffee, pet stains, human stains, cat and dog urine, vomit, blood.
~ It eliminates most water-based and oil-based stains and it’s
~ Made In The USA.
~ Free Spring Cleaning eBook that includes a house cleaning checklist.

I must say this carpet cleaner smells much better that my store bough brand. It has a faint smells and does the job very well. Like all Greenwald products is environmentally conscious with the high end reusable bottle. I have been able to clean old carpet stains with success. I haven’t see any residue left behind by the product. It is a commercial grade formula pack in 6 little refill packets that are easy to store giving you a total of 6 32-oz spray bottles. The refills dissolve completely leaving nothing behind. Great product and I highly recommended it.

The Cleaning Product were provided by Greenwald in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated . This review is Desafio In The City honest opinion about this product.


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