Gift Wrapping

Yesterday I finish my gift wrapping Jonah’s present and now I have to watch that he doen’t take them from under the tree.I can wait to see his face during the 12 days of Christmas. Yes we celebrate things here a little bit different. Stocking for Dec. 25 and one present gets open during the following 12 days until Jan 6 This is when the Three Kings arrived at the menger. Since Jonah is only 2 I have a Theme for him this year “Blues Continue reading →

Jonah’s First Movie at a Theater

I took my husband and my son last night to see Happy Feet and it was one of the best movies I ever seeing. It was the first time Jonah went to a movie theater which it was a pain until we got him some popcorn and juice.The message the movie sent was great since it make you think how other animals in this planet sees us “Aliens” and what their behavior may be trying to tell us.

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It has been three month since I post. This is a summary of what has happen since July. My birthday was on August 17. My coworkers took me to dinner and drink after work. We have a wonderful time and a lot of laugh about things that happen in the office. I participated in the Needlework Show early this month and it was great for being the first time. I got pick up my 12 shops which is a big step for me as a Continue reading →

Jonah’s B-day

Jonah turn 2…yeah the dreaded Terrible Two’s, he is in great health and Happy. We started potty training more aggressively right after his birthday. Now he let me know he has to go….well most of the times. We didn’t do a big celebration, but he had 4 cakes. A Blue’s Clues Cake Mommy and Daddy bought him on his day; his aunt made him a Cupcake the Friday on that week. On Saturday my mother got him another cake and a couple of my husband Continue reading →