Review ~ Silicone Vegetable Steamer by Kitchen Deluxe #KitchenDeluxeSiliconeSteamer

The Silicone Vegetable Steamer by Kitchen Deluxe  is what you been looking for. Easy to use and won’t damage your pot. It is made with the highest grade silicone, compact, collapsible for easy storage. Great to use on pressure cooker, microwave or stove top pot. Cook anything from Fruits & Vegetables to Seafood, Asparagus and Tamale, Asian Dumplings, Hot Dogs and much more… Cover and Steam Away. Once steamed Remove Easily using Interlocking Handles and enjoy! The Silicon Base ensures no scratches in your favorite Pan. In addition, it comes with a FREE Julienne Peeler Slicer, the sharp blades make peeling a breeze and also try out some of the recipes from our FREE Steaming eBook full of healthy, tasty recipes. The Vegetable Steamer is a Must Have Gadget for Every Kitchen.

~ Interlocking Handles
~ Maximum stability with rounded non stick base
~ Rolls up & handles hook onto feet for compact storage
~ Dishwasher safe

I got this steamer, because my “stainless steel” rust. I figure a silicone will be a more lasting material. I like the design as it fits in my InstantPot nicely. Because it is made of silicone it can expand of contract to fit on any size pot, although I haven’t use it in any pot with a circumference smaller than the base of the steamer. It three “legs” are sturdy enough to hold the weight of a large quantity of vegetables without buckling. When I steam I don’t use no more than a 1/2 cup to a 1 cup of water (especially if the vegetables are frozen), this insures that the water sip trough the bottom of the steamer and touch my vegetables. The only issue I had was when lifting the steamer from the pot. Since it can adjust to the circumference of the pot when remove from a smaller pot it will open up and if you have a large quantity of vegetables or eggs be ready for the wobble it will create. I think having a better “basket” shape (higher edge) will take care of this problem. It works great and I have been able to steam fresh and frozen vegetables, and even make “hard-boil eggs” with great results. If you love steaming vegetables then this gadget is for you. It comes with a julienne veggie peeler that I haven’t had the chance to use so I don’t know how well it works.

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The Steamer Basket was provided by Kitchen Deluxe in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated. This review is Desafio In The City honest opinion about this product.


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