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Review ~ Zep Commercial Cleaning Products For The Home

I think I am the only person who did a little dance when I was asked to try out Zep Cleaners. I am one the few people who like to clean at home. The basement bathroom was in need of a good cleaning after the sink faucet was fix. It was perfect timing. Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant made the job easier!  Zep Cleaner is a commercial brand and I was expecting a strong cleaner smells, but I was surprise to notice that it wasn’t as Continue reading →

Review ~ Butterfield Silicone Cupcake Molds

I have always shy away from silicone cupcake molds because I was afraid of my bake good getting stuck or for the silicone to leave a funny smell on them. I have to say that this California Kitchenware Butterfield Silicone Cupcake Molds are a dream to bake with. The package did not have any instructions indicating if they would require to be prepared with a spritz of nonstick baking spray so I didn’t do anything to prepared them. I simply wash and dry them and Continue reading →

Review – Dutis Dual Salt & Pepper Grinder

We love the convenience of having salt and pepper in one grinder. It streamlines the counter by having one grinder instead of two, this is perfect for our NYC apartment. I could not believe how absolutely great this mill is. It holds plenty of salt and pepper. We cook everyday and we might have to fill it once every two months – this is not an issue for us. There are adjustment knob on the bottom for increasing the coarseness of the ground salt and Continue reading →

Review – Propresser Garlic Press

I love cooking with garlic, but having to peel and mince is tedious and the smell would linger on my fingers for hours. My solution to this was to buy garlic in bulk and peel them all at once and mince it in the food processor and store it on a jar in my refrigerator, Great! I only have to deal with the peeling and the smell on my fingers once, but it took me close to 3 hours to peel, chop and store. The Continue reading →