Review ~ Kid’s Academy #FreeKidsApps #MomBuzz

Kids AcademyI like the Kids Academy apps! It help children learn verbal, writing and math skills in a easy and fun way. Some of the apps below are some of my niece favorites.

ABCs alphabet phonics


My niece really love this app. Aside from the tracing of the alphabet, this app has other games that she loves. The Maze was easy and she enjoy it very much. The Rhyming word was a bit of a challenge for her, because although it uses a simple word it was hard for my niece to recognize a “trophy” as a cup and a “dog” as a pup, the pictures should be a bit more simpler for a kindergarten not that many kids at that age knows what a trophy is nor what it looks like. I wish the start rating system was included for this games, but I don’t remember seen it. However, this though her a new word relation and the point of the app is to learn. It was another easy app for her to use.



Bingo ABCs


My niece use to love this app, but now that she older she doesn’t asked for it as much as she use to. She love singing along because the app has an option to record your kids voice so they can hear themselves singing the song. It also teaches you about animal sounds while you sing along to the well know classic song BINGO.



Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games


I gave my iPad to my niece while on a road trip to keep her entertained while we drove from Rochester to NYC. I show her the folder of the apps she is allow to play with. The app makes learning a lot more fun and it was very easy for her to use. The games teach the kids about tracing the Alphabet (lowercase and uppercase), numbers, reading and more. She got the hang of it right away. Even though the graphics are cartoonish they are very nice. The music and prompts makes it fun to play. The three star scoring at the end of each game is awesome, because she play over and over again until she got the three stars. I think I will recommend her mom get this app as well as a stylus, because let’s face it we don’t write with our finger.



Overall all great learning app.


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