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Enjoying Tea is dedicated to provide you with a complete tea experience. Along with their fine selections of tea, they also offer elegant tea sets and beautiful teapots. Not only do they offer a wonderful selection at a great value, but they also strive to educate on the many health benefits of tea.

I am a big fan of tea and although tea bags are good for on the go, nothings compare to steep loose tea leaf. Enjoying Tea has everything you need to enjoy a good cup of tea – tea bags, loose tea, teaware and tea sets. I have an extensive collection, since there is a tea to for everything -relaxing, energizing, insomnia, weight management etc.- and for everyone.

The biggest challenge I have when buying tea is would I like the taste. Unless you go to a tea shop were they may have some samples available there is no way for you to know how it will taste. Enjoying Tea have made this easy by making affordable luxurious samplers.

Enjoying Tea Samplers contains 6-8 different types of tea. You will get between 0.5 oz and 1.5 oz per variety. This will yields close to 3 cups of tea. Each tea comes in its own square tin can which is package in a beautiful box. Prices start at $13.98 and varies depending on the type of tea.

My Sampler included the teas below:
Keemun Black Tea – is considered the finest of all black teas.
Earl Grey Black Tea – is made from top grade orange pekoe Ceylon black tea scented with the elegant fragrance of bergamot.
Roasted Mate Chai – this full body tea produces a spicy aromatic flavor.
Jasmine Green Tea – is extremely refreshing and is great at quenching thirst.
Organic Slimming Oolong Tea – this tea offers a smooth taste, nutty flavor, and a sweet lingering aftertaste.
Vanilla Rooibos Tea – With low tannin and the absence of caffeine makes it an ideal drink, even at night.
The Set of Tea was provided by EnjoyingTea in order to facilitate my review, I was not compensated. This review is Desafio In The City honest opinion about this product.


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