Review ~ Chalk Markers By Colore

coloremarkersColore Chalk Marker can be used in different setups and is ideal for use in learning institutions, offices, craft centers, art works and decoration work just to mention a few.

~ Fine 6mm tip liquid fluorescent marker.
~ Metallic interchangeable tip, chisel and bullet point.
~ 8 vivid colors including purple, white, blue, yellow, orange, pink, red and green.
~ FREE GIFT: Colore Chalk Marker comes with One Silicone Pen Holder.

We have a at a dry eraser board calendar so we can write down everything that is going on for the month and this chalk markers had made it a very colorful one. Now everyone has a very bright color and not just the boring colors of my old dry eraser markers; Yes, these Chalk Markers have a wonderful bright color that makes them stand out and easier to read, plus the interchangeable tip is a nice feature, but messy. I am also glad they can be use on mirrors because I don’t have to leave post notes anymore, I can just write it on the bathroom or dresser mirror.

I love, love, love that they are odorless, I hate the smell some dry eraser markers have. I know they have made some dry erasers with scent, but sometimes the scent is overpowering. My family is having a blast making not only annotation on our calendar, but also little drawings. I have try them on my chalkboard labels and they really standout. They are super easy to clean -if use in the right surface-, it can be wipe with a regular dry paper towel and it won’t leave a color residue. However, if you make a mistake and wipe it right away you will have a smear and it would take longer to clean than if you let them dry out first; my son learn this the hard way. Although I love the double side it tip, it is a mess to flip from one to another, you will get it all over your fingers since it need to be pullout of the marker flip and push back in. However, the colors clean off easily with soap and water and don’t leave any residue.

I wish they had a different name since they are not made for chalkboards. The “chalk markers” can only be use on a non-porous surface. They are good on smooth and flat surfaces like whiteboards, mirrors, windows and some chalkboard labels, but stay away from chalkboard products. The bonus gift is a great addition to this package, but I wish I could pick my color. I got the random yellow color and I was so hopping for a pink. I really like them and will use and reorder when they rang out, but I still need markers for my chalkboard.

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