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About Letty

Letty is the other half to a multicultural family. Mother to Jonah and wife to Jonathan. Blogger at Desafio In The City a Lifestyle blog, focusing on green living, recipes, DIY, reviews and giveaways. Letty enjoys reading, dancing and crocheting.

Birthday’s and Hair Cut

This past Saturday we went to PA to celebrate my grandmothers and my Brother in law birthday.I also got my aunt to finally cut my hair. She cut it shorted that I expected, but the 13 braid is going to be donated to Locks of Love.I will be uploding picture of my new hair do and the braid soon.

Family Picnic 2006

At our Third Annual Family Barbecue, the highlight of the day was my son’s first Carjacking. He wander off while in the care of his grandmother and went to another Barbecue pit in the park and climb into the car toy of the kid in that family. These are the woman of my family minus my Twin Sister and My Little sister. All the Kids in top of my husband.

Carrie’s Threads

I received in the mail today my first order of Carrie’s Threads, which I am planning to start using for future desings. They are very lovely and soft. They been put on a ring to hand on my shelf with the rest of my over dyes.

The Three

  Hello and welcome to Desafío In The City! My name is Letty. I live in Briarwood, NY with my husband/best friend, Jonathan, and our son, Jonah, who just happens to be the apple of our eyes. The name Desafío means challenge in Spanish. I love finding new ways to make our home fun and beautiful while spending as little money as possible.  This often involves revamping dollar store items or re-purposing things I find around the house. You will find a little bit of Continue reading →